A PredAlien is an abomination of Predators and Aliens that to the yautja must be killed at all cost.the PredAlien is loyal to the Xenomorph and will display Predator traits.


  • The PredAlien has the shape of a normal Alien but will have dreadlocks and 2 sets of mandibles like that of a Predator
  • They are about 1'5ft and instead of the black carapace it has a yellowish-brown colouring

Traits and behavioursEdit


This is the PredAlien queen Chet form AvP:Requiem

Though the PredAlien are like aliens they still have manerizms like that of the Predators such as:

  • Before a fight they will allow the Predators/anything it's fighting, the chance to equip themselves be

fore the fight, this is displayed when the Young PredAlien queen Waits for Wolf to equip his things before the fight.

  • Instead of eating a head of a human it kills the PredAliens would rather decapitate it's opponents head and keep it as a trophy (Like that of a Predators)
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